Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Past Four Weeks

The past four weeks have been a test of our patience. We have gone back and forth with post contract variations (PCVs) which are best described as small changes (additions, deletions, amendments) to contract items. These variations can come about either by way of you wanting to make a change or the builder having to make a change. During this time we have also received a) Energy Rating Scheme (6.1 stars) b) Final Engineering and Footing Plan c) Production and Finals Drawings (including floor plans and elevations).

Concurrently, we have been waiting for CG to obtain the building permit which is being delayed due to issues surrounding a council dispensation related to our garage wall height and the water authority approval for us to conduct works over an easement. A little frustrating since we were lead to believe that both these issues would not be a problem and that we would have the building permit by July 17 and that the admin process would be complete by end of last week. This has not occurred and we are still waiting for the building permit. Turns out, the council require that our garage wall height be reduced by 300mm which affects structural aspects of the home.

Spent some time on the phone today working through these issues with CG. I will say they have been very understanding, communication has been very good and it was relatively easy to agree to a solution we were both happy with. Thanks MM. We now hope for no more surprises and that the building permit is issued by the end of this week.

We have also been waiting for the upgrade contract specifications. These will form part of the contract and again we have been told they will be completed and signed off on by the end of this week. Fingers crossed the upgrade contract specs read the way CG have promised they will. Fingers crossed they are ready.

We have now had a vacant site for two months. Not ideal, but we are told that CG will have our building permit by the end of the week, that the upgrade contract specs will be ready by the end of the week and that we should be able to meet for final sign-off by the end of the week. We'll see. Final sign-off would see the end of the admin process and hand-over to the construction (site) team. We look forward to this point. We look forward to meeting our site supervisor and seeing the building works commence on our site. Our faith is with you CG. Time to make it happen.