Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wow, Check out the Landscape & Design. Magnificent!

Summit Landscape Consultants have DELIVERED!!!!!!

The hard structures of the rear landscape design are complete - retaining wall, expansive deck, court yards, bench seating, utility walk-way, utility area, timber edging.
We'll take a break before launching into the preparation of soil for lawn seeding and preparation of the garden beds for planting.

Any gardeners or green-thumbs following this blog? Advice or tips on the planting will be well received. We are open to ideas or handy hints.

We're lucky to have a north facing rear yard. This area will be bathed in sunshine in the warmer months.

The retaining wall is capped to provide seating.

The rear lawn will have a border garden all the way around, with an angle cut out in the north west corner of the property to provide space for the planting of a shade tree. We're not sure what type of tree at this point.

The utility walk-way all the way down the western side of the house. The material is a tuscan topping that sets very hard (but is still permeable).

Either side of the pathway is garden bed which we will plant out. Above the retaining wall is more garden where we can plant screening plants or think about features.

This side of the house is really just for access. Not designed for lifestyle.

Large step pavers create a connection between the front door and the utility area.

The pavers are the same blue stone as the pavers used in each of our court yard spaces.

They are very striking and create a really grounding effect.

The spotted gum deck runs into the blue stone paver court yard, which is completely surrounded by a retaining wall.

This is a really functional and well thought out space. Big enough to kick a footy, play some hockey, spread out and read the newspaper and entertain the entire family for a back yard BBQ - all activities we have already experienced, even though it's winter!

The view from inside the house out to the rear yard. Three blue stone steps allow access to the elevated garden.

A planter box sits between the steps and the court yard and will be probably where we plant some feature plants or a feature tree or something.

Indoor-outdoor: Our living room flows naturally outside and onto the deck and then into the court yard.

It's just such a great space and such a great design. It makes you just want to be home and using these spaces. Can't wait for summer and some rays of sunshine.

The rumpus room opens out onto the outdoor room.

Both inside and outside spaces use the spotted gum running in the same direction. It really does give the illusion of flow and expanse and it's also very light and bright since it faces north.

To the right of this photo is a large stacker door that opens out onto the deck extension and the outdoor shower.

These spaces face east and are bathed in morning sunlight and sunshine. The perfect spot for alfresco breakfast.

The view from the outdoor room.

It's clear to see we hit the jack pot in choosing these guys to bring to life our outdoor spaces.

Not only is the design awesome. The quality of workmanship is meticulous and very high standard. The landscape architect can build just about anything. He's professional and offers great tips all the time that really do add value and help to optimise the design.

Our landscape consultants have nothing to do with Carter Grange, so no point asking CG about them. If you want to know more about their work, their costs or their process, contact them direct on 9850 4456 or 0407 333 883 or email

One thing is for sure. You will get a quality job that will really compliment your home.

Finally, we're having some issues with some aspects of the home now. We have our maintenance walk-through on Monday and will let you know the outcome of these issues once we've had a good chance to talk to CG about them. As long as they are rectified, we'll be happy.