Saturday, 7 September 2013

Storm Water Issues Resolved

To their credit, Carter Grange have been very responsive to our maintenance issues. After making their own enquiries, CG management decided to agree to disagree with us. While they have made it clear they accept no liability for the non connected storm water pipe, they did agree to fix the problem at their cost and, last Wednesday, sent out a plumbing crew to rectify our storm water issue.  

The two plumbers spent a good deal of time digging a trench and connecting up the PVC pipes correctly. They discharged a fair amount of water from the loaded point in the pipes and then ran new PVC pipe to the curb and channel. They also ensured there was an overflow connected as part of a compliant storm water system (important in the event the outlet in the curb and channel were ever to get blocked).

CG have also stated they will be happy to monitor the storm water discharge and any potential problems incorrect discharge may have created over the past 7 months. They have also confirmed they will be there for us if there are any problems potentially related to this issue in the future. This is comforting.

So for the record, CG sent out some plumbers to fix our storm water issue at their cost. They have taken the responsibility to ensure storm water discharge from our property is now compliant and meets current regulations. In fact, one of the CG directors even came out to oversee and inspect the works himself. Since the issue has now been resolved, we see no need to continue with our investigation.

Also, regarding the corner window condensation issues, we’ve been told this relates to any single glazed window and that the CG corner windows simply cannot be double glazed because of the complex revealing with the boutique range of windows CG use. While this is good info, it does not help us resolve the condensation problems these windows have. If anyone has a solution, please leave a comment or email us on