Sunday, 24 June 2012

The 'Post Contract' Process

Just a quick update. All week last week we were waiting for the second set of documents. Finally an email late in the week with our post contract variations attached. Simply a list of the minor variations we wanted to make to our tender document. These variations were identified at our contract appointment. Unfortunately the list was not accurate and we sent it back with amendments for review. We await the response.

We were also expecting amended and accurate drawings (including plans and elevations) as well as final engineering and energy assessment - but these have not been forthcoming as yet. We are really hoping these documents will be available early this week. With a vacant block, we are simply keen to get to site start asap.

Regarding the site, I note that CG had time through the week to erect their signs on our temporary fencing. Excellent product advertising I thought. Also, the electrical pit appears to be in place (it's a round concrete disc visible in the footpath at the front of the block). I must say that CG facilitated this entire process (I just paid the bill) and made it very easy for me. Really good service on their part there. Thanks EN.

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