Monday, 22 October 2012

Hebel Almost Finished

Met our site supervisor on-site this afternoon and it's great to see that our house is almost fully clad. The whole ground floor is clad as is most of the first floor. The hebel looks good and you can now clearly see how they are installed and how each block interacts with both the house frame and the other blocks.

We're told the next stage is to complete the carpentry for the eaves and then to render the hebel to the first floor. Then all the scaffolding will come down at the end of this week. With the scaffolding dismantled, the roof trusses to the remaining areas of the ground floor under the roof-line (includes the garage) will be installed, the roof completed and the ground floor hebel rendered. This should all be complete by the end of next week and we presume this will essentially get us to lock-up stage.

We didn't comb through the house today to check off the schedule of building defects, as it's difficult to move freely through the home with all the scaffolding around the site. Once the scaffolding is down and the site cleaned, we will meet again with our site supervisor on Nov 2 to go through the schedule and to ensure everything is order before proceeding to the next stage. We imagine that the pre-plaster inspection will occur at this point too.

We had a friend on-site late this afternoon (who's father is a builder) too. He picked up a few areas where questions may need to be asked. Again, if you've never been exposed to building before, you'd never even know to ask the question(s).


  1. Very exciting to see your house is slowly taking shape. Have you had your pre-plaster inspection yet?
    My house finally started construction end of last week. Spoke to my site supervisor today. Apparently New Home Inspections had been hired by CG to do an independent inspection at frame stage. Was this the same in your case? Or did you have to pay New Home Inspections to do the first inspection in your house?

  2. No, we haven't had the pre-plaster inspection yet. Our site supervisor has said he'll tell us when he's happy for this inspection to occur. I'm hopeful this means that CG will comb through the house to check for any faults or areas of concern and then rectify these, before our building inspector is called in to do his inspection. This is how it should be done.

    We had also been told that CG was using our inspector, Kevin McDonald, for some of their routine frame inspections. Despite this, in our case, we still paid New Home Inspections to do an independent frame inspection. We still feel it was money well spent.