Friday, 12 October 2012

Hebel - Progress Report

Not much progress made on the actual house this week. As mentioned previously, the hebel to ground floor is almost complete. The bulk of the work this week has been to erect the scaffolding, which has proved to be quite a job in itself, around the perimeter of the house. This scaffolding will be used to install the hebel to the first floor. It must be quite a job as the hebel blocks are certainly not light. We hope now the scaffolding is up, that the hebel installation will complete next week. Looking forward to seeing this home fully clad. Once this happens, our understanding is that the next stage is to render the hebel cladding.

While on-site we also noticed that the faulty concrete slab beneath the steel post at the front right of garage entrance had again been worked on. It looks much better now. The concrete does not appear honeycombed. It looks more solid with complete coverage. A length of timber has been added to the inner side of the steel post. The post itself and the timber frame no longer overhang the concrete. We hope that it will now comply with the standards and satisfy our building inspector when he returns for the pre-plaster inspection. See the photo below.

The slab rectification works have also been completed. See photo below. Our site supervisor is happy with the rectification works, which have also been signed off on by the relevant building surveyor. The edge of the slab certainly looks much better now, and we hope these works ensure the long-term performance of the slab and the house.


  1. Hi guys,
    We had our first real disappointment with CG. Our houses are at the same stage, however our rectification hasn't been done. We got explicit written confirmation it had been completed, so not sure what this means for the other works they claim have been done. Waiting to hear back after letting them know of our disappointment - we can deal with reasons why it hasn't yet been done, but don't appreciate what is a blatant lie... To be continued

  2. Thanks for the note js19. Are you saying that CG confirmed they had done certain "works", when in fact these works had not been done or had not been done satisfactorily? How did you work out the works have not been done? Let us know how you go.
    We haven't checked off the rectification works yet. We've just been making notes along the way. I imagine we will meet our SS on site soon to go through the schedule of building defects to ensure each item has been rectified correctly.
    Also, our private building inspector will re-inspect all the items from his report (at the pre-plaster inspection) to ensure that they have all been rectified correctly.

  3. We were waiting for CG to confirm all items in our report were completed before paying the frame invoice. When we got the confirmation we paid as agreed, but when we checked the site we found items hadn't been done at all - still big chunks out of the slab.
    CG have been good in the follow-up after our email, and our SS also apologised for the error, so hopefully we won't have further hiccups. We're also getting the pre-plaster inspection through New Home, so this re-inspection will be good to have.
    I reckon it's how you react to set-backs that defines you, and to their credit CG have done the right thing so far.

  4. There will always be road-bumps, mis-communications and mis-understandings when it comes to such a substantial, important and emotional undertaking as building a home. We would absolutely agree with your final comments. It is how these are managed and resolved that defines a business, and to date, this is where we feel CG to be different to their competitors.