Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Plastering Commences

Happy to inform that the internal defects identified in the pre-plaster report were all either rectified as directed or certified as being acceptable in the present as-built state. We met our SS on-site on Tuesday and he pointed out each rectification work. The insulation issue had not been rectified and to his credit, he had this work completed by the end of the day.

We still need the external defects, namely slab, slab set down and hebel, rectified, however, as these can be completed independently of any internal fixing works, we allowed CG to start with the plastering.

What a surprise to visit the site the next day (Wednesday) and see all the plaster sheeting (ground and first floor) hung and in place. It really is starting to feel like a home. The bulkheads provide features and look fantastic. You can see how much light reaches each room and with the insulation and plaster up, it sound very quiet within the walls of the house now.

A recommendation. CG pack insulation into all external wall frames, however, not in any internal wall frames. Our study will double as a guest bedroom, and since it shares a wall with a rumpus room (TV, music, noise, etc), we decided to pack acoustic wall insulation into this wall. This was cheap and easy. Wear gloves, but certainly, you can just rip these bats to correct size with your hands.

We'll be interested to see how long this initial plaster phase takes (especially since we opted for cornices, not square set, because we were expressly told this choice would make this stage much quicker). We've been told 7 - 10 days. Then the kitchen cabinets are installed along with the stairs.

We've attached some photos of the house now. It's looking good.


  1. Our plastering took the promised 7 days. Stairs started today. We have square set downstairs, so a fairly quick process.

  2. Good to hear that. Good luck through your fixing stage. So your kitchen cabinets will go in this week right? What's your plastering like? Have you been inside to check out the work? Happy?

  3. Yes, cabinets starting today according to SS. Stair balustrading also getting done in the next day or two, with the painters expected next week. Plastering looks good from what I can see, and they even had someone in sanding on Sunday (!). Looking forward to having all the cabinets in, and maybe get some tiling done pre-Christmas.

    SS tells us we've gained some time, and should be looking at last week in Feb as a move in goal, which is starting to feel close!