Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pre-Plaster Inspection Report

Received the actual report on Friday. The report identified 13 building defects in total.

Item 1 was all about the slab rectification. This was flagged in the frame report and it's disappointing to be shown the extent to which this was not done and done incorrectly. The relevant building surveyor supposedly supervised and signed off on these works; we've requested copies of the supervision/inspection certificates.

Items 2 - 8 are all framing and/or design issues. According to our SS, all very minor rectifications that will be completed by a carpenter tomorrow, and before the plastering starts on Wednesday.

Item 9 is one part of the hebel issue.

Item 10 and 11 relate to the insulation; specifically insulation that is missing in certain places and which will need to be installed prior to plastering.

Item 12 and 13 relate to the sarking (the roof lining below the colourbond) (discussed in previous posts); specifically areas of the sarking that have been cut, torn or dislodged and which will need to be rectified per the relevant Aust Standard.

At this stage, we will have a meeting with our SS on-site on Tuesday, so he can point out and explain each rectification work. We need to be sure that all internal defects identified in the pre-plaster report have been rectified before the plastering commences. Obviously, the external defects (eg slab and hebel issues) can be rectified during internal fixing stage.


  1. Are you sure you're not writing "A Guide to Your New Home Build", Hyatt38?

    This is simply astounding writing - attention to detail is excellent, and I know I would never be this thorough with following up as you are.

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone - it seems a little disappointing that you have to hire someone to point out the faults - if you didn't, would they have been identified by the builder him/herself? - The more I read, the more I wonder.

    Lesson - MUST get independent inspection/certification at all the different stages, and you MUST be on site yourself.

    Thanks again for the education you are providing me and all your readers.

    1. Hi Jeremy

      Good to know I'm not the only one thinking the same thing - read my comment on previous post.

      I wonder if there is really a builder or at least a site supervisor out there who would pay as much attention to detail as Hyatt38 does and be genuinely dedicated to building a perfect house or at least aim for perfection in every build. Makes me wonder if Hyatt38 is for hire and be my site supervisor......

    2. Thanks for following the blog Jeremy. We think it is important to keep an eye on things and very good practice to get an independent building inspector. Glad you're finding the blog helpful.

    3. BruP, you know, no house build will ever be perfect. There will always be issues. All we ever hope(d) for is to be given what was promised to us and what was agreed. This includes quality, features and timeframes. We have come to understand that CG (like most other builders) do over-promise, but (unlike other builders) they actually listen to your concerns and to-date genuinely attempt to make things right.

      Sorry to say, not for hire and simply no time to project manage - this is one reason why we involved New Home Inspections to do some independent inspections.