Thursday, 17 January 2013

Painting Done; Stone Bench Tops Installed; Finally met Construction Manager

Through the week the painting was completed. The colour is Whisper White and our kitchen laminate colour is Polar White (underbench) and Paperbark (overhead). The stone bench tops have also now been installed. They're from the standard range, gloss finish, 20mm and the colour is Mustard White. Looking at the colours together, we think we went a little too safe. If we do this again, probably a slightly warmer wall colour would have been better, perhaps with more yellow. Having said this, the glass splash backs to the kitchen will have their own impact and we're confident the spotted gum floorboards (which will be the last thing to be installed) will certainly add warmth and a statement.

The wet areas have also been coated in a blue paint, and we understand this is part of the waterproofing before the tiles are laid. We met the tiler (ironically named Ty) this morning and he seems like a nice bloke; he's been described as a 'gun tiler' so we're pleased to have him on the job and to see that he started today. Apparently our tiling will be completed next week.

We also had a productive meeting with our SS and his construction manager on Tuesday. Good to finally meet the construction manager. Nice guy, we found him to be reasonable and understanding. We discussed some of the live issues on-site namely:
- the additional render to the exposed slab behind the laundry; this work has now been completed and it looks great
- the correction of some plastering issues with the bulkhead in the kitchen and the bulkhead in the master bedroom; these will both be corrected
- the concrete slab rectification works; which we understand have now been referred to one of the CG directors; we're confident these works will take place, will be done to correct specification, will be certified and will be completed very soon.

Our fixing payment has been made. Our SS has all trades home booked in. So with roughly 4 weeks to go to completion and one final payment to be made, we're well and truly in the home stretch now. We're hoping that CG can bring this home with no major mistakes or misses, that everything goes to plan and that all works we've been told will be done, get done.

Between now and completion, we will endeavour to visit Byron Interiors one last time and some of the CG display homes one last time to take final notes and to refresh our memory about what we should be receiving at handover. We would urge anyone building to do this for themselves too.


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