Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tiling done; Garage door installed; Rectification works progressing

Australia Day Long Weekend and we're almost home now. Apparently tiling was completed last week, the garage door has been installed, front retaining wall constructed, some of the down pipes connected and the issues we had with exposed slab caused by the drop in garage height (compared to house) rectified by applying a render to the side of the concrete slab.

This week the plumber(s) and electrician(s) will return to do all the fit-offs. We imagine this means power points, switches, down lights, other lights, electrical appliances installed; taps, sinks, basins, waste, toilets, heating/cooling systems installed; down pipes and drainage on-site attended to and all connections completed. Glass splash backs will also need to be installed at some stage.

Also a quick update re some of our other issues.
1. Slab rectification works: CG have already had the original design engineer back out to our site to inspect the slab. The engineer was not satisfied (as we knew would be the case) and will document what should be done and the detail to which these works must be completed, so that CG can arrange to rectify appropriately. This is a great development and we are thankful for the way CG are finally managing the issue. We hope these works are completed in a timely manner and do not affect our completion date. This is what we pushed to avoid all along.
2. Bulkhead issues: some bulkheads need to be rectified and the bulkheads re-painted. We imagine this will be done next week but will need to confirm.


  1. Looking good guys!

    Have you got a firm date yet?

    We noticed some hairline cracks already in our slab - hoping it's not a sign of bigger issues to come...

    1. No firm date yet which is a little frustrating. Our SS is aware we need to give 4 weeks notice to our landlord. Simple maths says this means a March handover which is getting a little out of hand to tell you the truth. What can you do??? We are hoping he gives us a firm date either when we meet this Friday or early next week.

      We also have cracks in our slab in the garage. CG say this is normal and to be expected. We're not sure yet. Will confirm with our building inspector.

  2. Thanks Hyatt38.

    This has been a very interesting blog. I am close to paying the initial deposit with CG and whilst all builders have issues during the build it looks like CG have made an effort to fix issues along the way. I was curious what penalty you agreed with them for no finishing on time as you mentioned you negotiated this higher.

    I hope the final pieces fall into place for you so you can start to enjoy your new home.


    1. Just make sure everything you agree to is in writing. CG have been really great at managing and resolving most issues. The biggest fail has really been their build time versus what we were promised. Standard penalty for not finishing on time is $250 per week. We increased this to $500 per week but apparently this is still too light.

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