Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Landscape Coming to Life ..... and Looking Good!

Over the last couple of weeks, our landscaping has really progressed. Holes were dug, posts placed and retaining walls built to create the structure of our back yard landscape. We have designed a space that incorporates both decking and paving to create separate spaces, much like rooms in a house. Our landscape team have been excellent; they obviously know their stuff.

GC the landscape architect is a perfectionist and very knowledgeable, his foreman MR is a workhorse. They have provided some amazing tips and insights already, such as what levels to work off if you want the retaining wall to double as a place to sit and rest. Watching our landscape design come to life is exciting and will really cap off a beautiful home. Under pave concrete will be poured tomorrow and we will update once the paving and decking is complete.

We also had some maintenance issues that required attention. This week we met the Carter Grange Maintenance Manager and it must be noted, this guy was fantastic. He went above and beyond his call of duty. He was on time, efficient, very friendly and above all highly skilled. As an ex-accountant, he makes an outstanding maintenance man and we believe him when he says he can fix just about anything. The faults with our cavity sliding door, our sliding door and stacker door and our toilet flushes have all been rectified. Thank you DD. Job really well done.


  1. Great posts. Thank you.

    We are building too and now we are a few weeks away from finishing.

    Could you please give a bit more information about fencing / decking / paving / landscaping? In your previous posts you mentioned that you go with Summit Landscape Consultants. How do they relate to CG landscape architect? Do they do all the work for you? Do they do the landscape design as well? Or you go with different providers?

    We have been following your posts since Oct last year and we found very useful when you talk about how you would do it next time.

    So how would you approach post-handover works next time? Maybe it is a bit premature to ask before you finished :)

    Thanks a lot

  2. Summit Landscape Consultants have nothing to do with CG. We knew of the landscape architect (George) through some of his past work and were really impressed by his professionalism, know-how and attention to detail. We came up with the initial concept design and George made some very valuable suggestions and recommendations. From there, he coordinates all the work - fencing, decking, concreting (including driveway), paving and landscaping - so you're really just dealing with one person who is across everything. Very smooth process. Very professional and we'd highly recommend talking to him when it comes time for you to landscape. His contact details are:
    e / m 0407 333 883 / ph 9850 4456

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