Sunday, 2 June 2013

Outdoor Room Decking

This outdoor room is going to be awesome. Got to love a big outdoor deck! It actually extends 1.8m out from the outdoor room and 1.8m from the side of the house giving a wonderful sense of space and expanse.

Our landscapers worked tirelessly to build a bomb-proof undercarriage and all the heights and levels are perfect. The deck is the same height as our floorboard internal floor and this creates the illusion of a seamless space between inside and outside.

More great tips from our landscape architect to use the same timber (spotted gum) running in the same direction as our internal floorboards. Looks great.

Also little tricks to make things level and to dress things up. Rather than just do the job, he's great cause he also offers professional suggestions and tips, often things you wouldn't have even thought about.

So decking should be finished this week and then on to the paving. The landscape will really compliment our house and with these hard structures built, essentially create two more rooms of functional space.

We're also now at our 3 month post completion mark. Through the week we received our maintenance check-list from Carter Grange. We won't really have that many items to record, and given our last experience with DD, the CG maintenance manager, we're quite confident all items will be attended to.


  1. Beautiful deck! I love natural timber. We will also be extending our living space by building a deck and running the boards in the same direction as the internal flooring and at the same level. Can't wait to see the finished result...for both of us! :)

  2. Thanks! It looks fantastic finished, it essentially adds 2 more rooms to the house. Even better than the way it looks is the way it functions. Even in winter, we're spending time out on the deck!