Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Glass Splash Backs Installed

Finally, our glass splash backs have been cut correctly and installed. And Wow, the colour is spot on, the sleek, clean appearance of this product makes a big impact in the kitchen, creating a striking and very modern look. The mirror effect (since the glass is obviously reflective) looks awesome. It adds depth and increases the amount of light. It will only look better when the glass is able to reflect the wonderful landscape design we are presently considering (stay tuned for future posts regarding our landscaping).

So with just the appliances to be installed, the kitchen is all but complete. We even bought 4 stools for the kitchen island bench on eBay today, at $189 for all 4, what an absolute bargain!

Here's a tip. The island bench is 900mm high. The bar stools need to be 600mm high. Anything higher and you won't fit your legs under the bench!

Also, we've been to Reece (and also Swan Auctions in Richmond, who mainly stock Caroma/Dorf) and will be using Rush bathroom accessories (towel rails, towel rings, toilet roll holders). Unexpected cost here as we actually thought these items would be standard inclusions with the house. They are not, so be mindful that these items could (reasonably) cost anywhere between $1000 and $3500 depending on what you choose.

This excludes the labour to install these items. If any one following this blog can do this professionally (as well as hanging wall furniture (mirror, prints, wall art, pictures) and our clothes drier) and would like to quote on this job, feel free to shoot us an email to . Thanks.

Finally, we've been advised by our SS that our Certificate of Occupancy inspection will be done tomorrow. He's very confident it will get passed, and if it does, we'll be settling and conducting handover on Monday next week. This is very exciting.


  1. Thanks for pointing out that rails etc aren't included !! Who would've thought!

  2. Hi

    Great blog thanks for making it public. We are in the process of designing a home with CG, your home looks beautiful as good as the displays which is rare with volume builders! Can I ask the details of the building inspector you used? Sounds like he/she was worth every cent and keeps the SS on their toes. thanks Scott and Rebecca;

  3. Scott & Rebecca - you should call New Home Inspections. Our inspector was Kevin McDonald. He was seriously worth every cent.
    We paid for 3 inspections: Frame, Pre-Plaster and Pre-Handover.

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