Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Timber Floor Complete; Termite Barrier installed

Our timber floorboards are spotted gum. We absolutely love the colour. The flooring looks fantastic. It really adds depth and character to the home. Where we thought the conservative whisper white wall colour was too plain, now we're quite pleased as your focus is now drawn to the flooring.

The floorboards have been installed really well. We've used floating floors before and the attention to detail with this job has been second to none. We met the guy responsible for most of the CG timber and floating floor installations (including the bolero products commonly used in CG display homes). He obviously knew his stuff and even spent time with us to explain how to care for and maintain the timber floor. If you want this type of look in your home, talk to Adam at Jackson Flooring.

Those with a good eye will also notice we painted the kitchen bulkhead and the entry passage wall a feature colour (it's actually a Haymes colour called Eureka). We're so glad we did this as it really defines the kitchen space and works really well with the spotted gum flooring.

The only thing left for the kitchen is the glass splash backs, and then the appliance installation (which we're told occurs on the actual day of handover).

The other works we noticed that had been done are the concrete slab works, which we're told are all complete now (in fact our SS sent us the design engineers report certifying his approvals) as well as the installation of the termite protection barrier. You can see this in the photos below, the orange line that looks like a pipe running next to the slab. This will sit under the landscaping, out of site.


  1. Hi,

    It's looking really nice - and you must be happy that most of the issues have been resolved.

    We are going through round 2 of finalising a floorplan with CG on a custom design, and are starting to think about flooring options. What was the cost of upgrading to spotted gun, and did you go with solid timber boards or engineered?

  2. So happy to see it coming to a close. We are at a similiar stage to Tony (above), completed our floor plan, and have our first colour appointment Monday-week. We too have agree on the spotted gum flooring, and would love an idea of the upgrade costing for this. We have also decided on similar colours to our kitchen, just deciding on a white on white kitchen or a beige cabinet with white bench tops.

  3. Looks great!
    We've got our spotted gum boards going in on Monday, before the presentation on Wednesday. Can't wait!
    We've gone a very different colour pattern in the kitchen though, with the wenge base cabinets, and a birch gloss top cabinet. Hoping it will look just as good when the floor goes in.
    Tony and Mandy; upgrade cost to the cat 3 spotted gum timber floor was around $95 m2 from standard tiles, and $130 m2 from carpeted areas.

    1. Thanks for the pricing ... Now we know what to expect when we go in for the tender meeting

      Good luck with your flooring

  4. Great dialogue guys. Tony & Mandy, overall, you've made a sound choice in building with CG. Rest assured, they're different to the others. Our upgrade cost for the spotted gum boards was about $8k.
    js19 - we've been on a similar path all along. Good luck with your final presentation. If Jackson Flooring are doing your boards, we're sure they'll look great!

  5. Thanks the info on flooring Hyatt and Js. Hyatt the house is really looking good - and please keep the updates coming post handover :) I' m curious to see how you feel living with the Hebel construction for sound and thermal insulation. Cheers.

  6. Our solid timber spotted gum came in at $11k - about 5 more than the engineered spotted gum. That's for wide boards, narrower slightly cheaper. We are doing carpet after handover for a wider choice. Tiles can be pricey though, ours for wet areas only are $7k! Not an expensive tile either (retail price) but if you want larger tiles or polished porcelain, it is expensive

  7. Hi there
    I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last few days. We have just had our pre-handover inspection last Wednesday. We also did one with Kevin McDonald. We are due to move in on 1 March! We haven't had any major issues and any small issues have been sorted by CG pretty quickly. Hopefully anything that our report from New Home Inspections details will be sorted before our move date. Your house looks just beautiful. We, too, are building the Hyatt but with some variations (due to Bayside regulations) so it has a very different layout upstairs.
    Fingers crossed for a smooth transition for you and good luck with your inspection today!

  8. Thanks for the kind words. We're hoping to move in on the same day as you, March 1. We're planning our driveway, blinds and connections around this date. Wish you a smooth move and transition too.

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