Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nearing Completion ... One Week to go ... Fingers Crossed

This photo taken late Sunday afternoon. With one week left on this build, we hope this sky-writer is working for Carter Grange, with a simple message expressing some love our way as we near completion!

With a pre-handover walk-through scheduled for this Friday morning, CG still have a sh#@-load of work to complete. They say it will be done, who are we to question. We know carpets and floorboards are booked and will be done. We know the painter will be back on Thursday to finish off. We see major works being undertaken to rectify the slab issues, but it's yet to be confirmed when these works will be completed and certified. Same deal with render issues. All plaster works are pretty much done, except they still need to put cornices on the bulkhead above our laundry over-heads. Caulking and sealing still needs to be done. Plumbing works, including digging storm-water pipes much deeper (at present some or not even 50mm deep), still need to be done. Electrical works still need to be done. Glass splash backs and mirrors still need to be done.Fly screens and sliding mesh screens still need to be done. Handles still need to be done. Site clean and rubbish removal still needs to be done.

We had a look at CG display homes today to get a feel for how this business finishes everything off. We'll compare notes at the walk through

Here are some photos:

Vinyl sliding doors in the laundry. We love our mega-spacious laundry. It really has that wow factor. 
Mirror sliding doors in master WIR
There were guys on-site through the week cutting back all the dirt and concrete around the edge of our slab. They were cutting back to the vapour barrier (the black plastic) in such a way that the slab edge can now be inspected. They also attached more new black PVC sheeting. We had a good chat to one of the guys, who confirmed that fixing these mistakes was not a very fun job. Why CG didn't get this mob to pour our slab in the first place, we're not sure, be have now been assured the vapor barrier and the function it serves, is correct.

You can also see the work down on the front portico. Due to the garage step down issues, the portico front edge will be exposed. To get around this CG have agreed to render the area directly beneath the rendered column.

Now the vapour barrier (black sheeting) has been replaced or repaired pretty much all around the house. This is along the front of the house.

The view from our living room, across our dining space and into the kitchen. We are thinking of painting the bulkhead.

The door to access under the stairs has been installed. It was suppose to be plain MDF, which could then be painted. It's actually been made and finished in a gloss type layer, which apparently cant be painted. Will need to look into this and find out why it wasn't done  correctly.

One thing is for sure. It looks good and is highly functional. This was a really great variation.


  1. Thanks a lot for your posts. We are building with CG too and your experience is extremely valuable for us. Good luck with the finishing this week.

    Could you, please, let us know what is your progress with: decking, landscaping, paving and fencing?

  2. Thanks for the note. Good luck on your journey with CG. Post hand-over we will continue this blog making reference to our landscaping, fencing, driveways, dealings with council, blinds and other items required to complete this property after the builders have completed their contractual requirements. Keep reading to follow this progress post hand-over. We will also be making note of any build related issues with the house post hand-over. Let's hope there are none of those!