Monday, 27 August 2012

Base Stage Complete - Slab Done

We're really pleased with CG so far. Good weather prevailed over the weekend and our site supervisor ensured the slab was poured ...... and this happened at 7.30am on a Saturday. Excellent work, thanks DL for getting this done on a weekend. We could watch the slab being poured and it was all done by about 12 noon. The truck and machinery in the background poured the cement and the picture below shows the end result. You can see the wooden frame containing the concrete. In actual fact, that slab is much higher than I imagined. We didn't wait for the concrete to set dry.

By the end of the weekend, the wooden framing had been removed, the site cleaned and the slab was dry. We had a walk on our slab today. It's flat and smooth and it looks great. Met our site supervisor on site today and he seemed really happy with the slab. This makes us happy. He took the time to explain a few of the processes and informed us that the framers would start later in the week. Very exciting. The pictures below show our completed slab. It really looks great.

So now we can clearly see the size, shape and different levels of the slab. We have a step up from the garage into the house. Also the rear alfresco area is set lower than the main house too. Being able to see the footprint of the house makes it much easier to visualise the different rooms and zones of the house. We like the height of the slab. The house should sit nice and high on our block. We're really happy we extended the width of the garage. Despite the extra 1050mm, the garage stills looks small and I would caution would-be house builders to consider extending their garage - I really don't think the standard garage width is wide enough. Certainly you would be left with very little or no storage space beside the cars if you chose to garage two cars. The bigger the garage the better I say! Our fingers are crossed the frame goes up mistake free now. We're looking forward to watching this next stage.


  1. Very exciting! Have you modified the Hyatt at all? What width is your garage?

  2. Yes, we made some minor modifications to the Hyatt38, namely:
    - extended the kitchen
    - added a small study adjacent to the rumpus and switched these with the outdoor living
    - extended the garage (garage internal width is 6500) and extended the laundry to match to create a mud room
    - upstairs is identical to the display
    We felt the upstairs design was close to perfect.
    CG have really great, functional and free flowing designs.
    We're pleased with Hyatt38 (although it's now closer to a Hyatt40 in size)

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