Friday, 24 August 2012

Progress - Preparation for the Slab

Despite the weather, progress was good this week. The day after the drainage was installed, preparation commenced to get the site ready for the slab. When we had a look at the site at the end of the day on Thurs, it looked very orderly. See the photos above and right . The wooden framing was in place which presumably contains the concrete used to make the slab. Black plastic covered most of the site. Initially we thought that the crushed rock would be placed on top of the plastic. My understanding now is that the crushed rock has already been compacted and leveled underneath the black plastic, which is also known as a vapour barrier.

 Today, even more work had been done. On top of the black plastic, we could now see a grid created by white polystyrene blocks spread out across the site. Steel reinforcement seems to run beneath and on top of the polystyrene. I imagine the concrete is poured over the top of this grid to create the waffle pod slab.

The plumbing clearly protrudes from the polystyrene grid allowing us to roughly make out some key house areas such as bathrooms and the kitchen. It's also nice to be able to see the shape and size and height of the slab.

We've been told the slab will be poured tomorrow, so I assume that what you see in the pictures is the final preparation before the slab pour. We really hope it doesn't rain too much overnight because we don't know how rain will actually affect the slab preparation before the concrete is poured. As it is, there are still some areas where water has pooled on top of the black plastic underneath the polystyrene blocks. Hopefully this is no reason for concern. I'm sure CG are aware of this.

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