Sunday, 5 August 2012

Site Start: 6 August 2012

Our 5% building deposit has been paid and CG have confirmed our site start - 6 August. Admin have now handed our file over to the construction team. I must say, CG admin have been fantastic, the ops manager professional, understanding and very good at managing and resolving our concerns. A great asset to the CG ops team. They listen to your comments and are extremely reasonable and understanding, providing us with great confidence to progress through the process and allowing us to be very open in our communication. I can only hope the construction team and our site supervisor are equal to the task. I get the feeling they will be. I have already been contacted by our site supervisor, who has offered to meet with us to discuss the process moving forward. I imagine he'll outline the building program and help to set in place what we can expect during the build.

To their great credit, CG came through with updates to their general Contract Specifications. Their build quality, dimensions and workmanship will now be referenced against the National Construction Code and the Guide to Standards and Tolerances. They had no issue making these changes since, as they have stated all along, they build their homes to this quality anyway.

To say we're looking forward to work starting on site would be an understatement. Fingers crossed for some fine weather, some great tradesman and no major mistakes or unforeseen problems on-site.

Look forward to some pictures of the progress over the coming weeks. Good luck CG. Our home is now in your hands and we hope you build us a wonderful home in the time you have suggested.

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