Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Progress - Screw Piles installed, Drainage laid

At the start of the week our site looked more like a swimming pool than a building site. The bored piers were in the ground but not easily visible due to all the water and mud on the surface. I expressed my concerns to CG and they suggested I rest assured; nothing to be concerned about (especially with all the rain). I must say that their communication is excellent. When messages are left, they always get back to you. It does give you confidence.

As explained, the wet weather did not stop the installation of the screw piles. Our site now contains 45 bored piers and 11 screw piles. This picture shows what screw piles look like. You can see 3 in a row there.  Unlike bored piers, the screw piles are clearly visible as they stick out above the surface.

The drainage has also been laid. This includes all the drainage pipes, the AG drains and the silt pits. The drainage pipes are 100mm diameter.

This photo was taken today and after a few days of clear weather and the drainage now installed, our build site looks much drier. It is however still very uneven and soft under foot. The machine shown here to dig out the drainage has really churned things up on the surface. I also wonder if it moving across the building site has done any damage to the bored piers and the screw piles in-situ. I'm sure it would be a very heavy machine.Certainly, I was unable to see all the bored piers and, while I could see all the screw piles yesterday, I note that today, only 4 of the 11 are visible - the other 7 now buried beneath mud presumably dug up and moved by the drainage machine.

CG have explained that once the drainage is complete, the entire site will be cleaned up and leveled. Following this, each bored pier and screw pile should be clearly visible and each bored pier should be roughly the same height. Once leveled, about 4 inches of crushed rock is then applied across the entire build site, compacted and leveled. My understanding is that at this point, the site is ready for slab preparation. So we have our fingers crossed that this relatively fine weather continues, so work can progress swiftly.


  1. Looks like the project’s getting better! Have you set up the Flood Protection Standards for the drainage system yet? Creating one will definitely help you monitor and envision the impact of the built drainage to flooding.

    - Darryl Iorio

  2. Thanks for the comments Darryl. What do you mean by "setting up the flood protection standards for the drainage system"? I don't think we're in a flood-prone area but, in any case, how do you create one?Is it something the owner does or the builder?
    We don't know much about the drainage design surrounding our home. We are just assuming it is adequate for the site and has been installed correctly.

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