Monday, 3 September 2012

Frame Start: 3 September 2012

Last Friday we noticed that our slab had been marked up with pencil outlines for the frame. It was really good to do the virtual tour of the home. You could get a great feel for the spaces of each room. Today we're really pleased to see that the framers have started on our frame. The timber and steel that will form the frame of our home is now on-site ready to be cut to size and put together. Today some of the timber had been roughly laid out and we're hoping that with fine weather forecast for tomorrow, some good work can be done.

We also hope to finalise discussions with CG regarding the rear window/sliding door variation I mentioned in the last post. They've been great at listening and working to try to accommodate our needs. Interestingly, CG have now introduced a new house design, the Stamford42, which includes this exact variation (ie a sliding door to the rear living room wall). We're hopeful we can copy this design for our Hyatt38. The reason we never picked up on this design issue with the Hyatt is that we never actually went outside to the back of the Hyatt on display in Cranbourne. If you take the time to do this, you will see what we're talking about. The back wall of the house really does need a second window or even better, a sliding, stacker or bi-fold doors, especially if your block has a back yard that faces north or east.

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