Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Meeting with our Site Supervisor

We had a good meeting with our site supervisor this afternoon to discuss the schedule of building defects in the frame stage inspection report. He explained his understanding of each defect and then how CG will rectify the defect. He seemed very confident that the items listed as defects in the report were easy fixes and that CG will have no problems rectifying every defect listed.

The defects we were most concerned about were the slab defect, the inconsistency between the actual frame works and the documented engineering design and the untreated pine timber frame for the front porch pier wall and front of garage.

1. Slab: our site supervisor has advised that the defect will be referred back to the original design engineer who will formulate a 'detail' (which I understand to be an approved rectification method for the slab defect). This is then sent to the concreters who are responsible for rectification of the slab in accordance with the detail and under the supervision of the relevant building surveyor (this is to be advised by our site supervisor).

2. Engineering design inconsistency: occurs for just about every build mainly due to "old school framers" not being familiar with the new ways of framing (which I'm told are often over compliant) OR the framers simply missing things in the engineering report, such as lintels across spans that require a lintel, missed bolts, studs not being screwed together and plywood brace that has not been installed. These defects are simply a matter of the framers going back over each item identified and doing the work that should have been done per the engineering. The next building inspection will ensure these items have all been rectified.

3. Timber frame for front porch pier wall and front of garage: problem here is that they will develop timber rot over time from moisture migrating in under the Hebel (if left as they are). Our site supervisor has advised these frame areas will either be made to comply with the Australian Standard through addition or re-construction using treated pine or timber adequately treated with a preservative.

So it was a good meeting because we get the general feeling CG are confident they can and will rectify all building defects identified. This gives us confidence in them as our builder.

While on-site today, we also noticed that the plumbing (gas and water) had been roughed in. See the photos below. Drilling holes in the joists and posts to run the pipes appears to have been no problem at all. Also the first floor scaffolding had all been taken down. Apparently, tomorrow the windows and sliding doors will be installed along with rectification works commencing. Most should be complete by end of the week.

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