Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Progress - Frame going up

We checked progress on-site at end of day on Monday (a fine weather day) and we were pleased to see some of the frame structure already up. We also noticed the rear wall had already been put up (see photo below).

You can clearly see why the wall needs modification. Having no window(s) means it limits the view of the back yard. It would also reduce the amount of natural light coming into the living room.

Through the day yesterday we concluded our discussions with CG regarding the variation to add a sliding door to this rear wall. It must be noted, CG were very helpful and prepared to work to our needs with this variation. We reached an agreement on the price, and while the cost is still very high (after all, we are just adding a sliding door), we now have a much better understanding of the costs involved, and have decided to proceed with the variation. Most of these costs would not have been charged had we made this variation prior to signing contract.

A PCV was raised immediately and plans re-drawn to reflect the variation.

We were concerned the variation hadn’t been communicated to the framers on-site when we saw the rear wall already up. But we were assured today they were aware a change was being made and that it was all good. The rear wall needed to be up so the framers could keep going with the rest of the frame today.

At the end of the day today, it's obvious the frame guys got through a great deal of work because they've almost finished building the entire ground floor frame. This work completed, despite the ferocious winds lashing Melbourne today (and still howling outside as I type - I hope the frame structure is strong and sturdy!!!).

So frame is progressing well. We're told the large steel beams laying on the ground on-site will be positioned tomorrow before the framers start on the first floor frame. We'll meet our site supervisor out on-site on Friday to check progress. At this stage, everything seems to be progressing really well.

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