Sunday, 30 September 2012

Windows & Sliding Doors Installed

The windows and sliding doors to our home have now been installed. One of the big attractions to CG house designs is their use of windows - big, bold and visible. You can see the big windows at the front of our home; we've also opened up much of the back of the home with large sliding doors and stacker doors. This house will be flooded with natural light, and we love the thought of this.

This photo shows the view to the street out of the windows from our first storey. This is the view that will greet people when they walk up the stairs. The windows form the rear wall of the upstairs leisure area. We are unsure what window furnishings to use for these windows - perhaps shutter blinds or roller blinds or maybe just a one-way film or tint. We have some time to think about this and get it right. Any suggestions?

Also, through the week we received the engineers detail regarding the slab rectification. It states, "remove rust from exposed reinforcement. The exposed steel and general concrete area must be cleaned, scable surface & reo and use Barrafer A (or equivalent). Completely cover steel and general concrete area. Apply concresive 2525 epoxy binder (or equivalent) and provide 30mm Emaco S88C mortar (or equivalent)." It also states, "edge beam repair to be inspected by a qualified building surveyor prior to concrete poor".

Our site supervisor has confirmed that his concretor has engaged a specialist at rectifying these types of work and that he will be on-site on Monday preparing the works. This sounds encouraging. Once the works have been prepared, the surveyor will come out to inspect, before the actual rectification works. Our supervisor feels that only one inspection is required.

The framers also came back out to attend to the other rectification works contained in the schedule of building defects. We noted most of the items had been attended to. Hopefully we can touch base with our site supervisor through the coming week and certainly when the slab works are complete. One of the defects that is still concerning us is the base rail of the timber frame at the front of the garage. At last check, it had not been changed to treated pine, and potentially this is work that still needs to be done. This is on our list to ask the site supervisor.


  1. Hi Hyatt38,
    Looks like we're moving through the stages at similar pace. Did you guys pay the frame invoice? CG are pushing for our payment, but we won't pay until rectification of the defects has been completed. So far it looks like they'll be true to their word, which is great.

  2. Yes we just paid the frame invoice. We agreed to pay it once we received the engineers detail regarding the slab rectification works. Our site supervisor managed this exactly how he told us he would, and we are confident the slab rectification works will be done and will be done correctly (to meet the standard). Will let you know when these works have been done and have been signed off by the relevant building surveyor. Some other items on the list have already been rectified, while some still need to be fixed - but like you, I feel CG will be true to their word and have all items fixed before our next private inspection (the pre-plaster inspection).

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  4. “This house will be flooded with natural light, and we love the thought of this.” - We’re on the same boat! It just makes a space brighter and more inviting. It’s one of the reasons why I love huge glass windows and doors. Anyway, how’s the construction going?

    - Willene Fagen

  5. We are very fortunate our back yard faces north. All of our living spaces will be flooded with loads of natural light and warmth. It makes the spaces look much larger too. Construction going well. They've done a very good job and we hope they can finish it off!