Monday, 17 September 2012

Progress - Frame stage complete

The framers worked hard all of last week to finish off the ground floor frame and then almost finish the first floor frame too. First photo below shows the modification we made to the rear wall. You can now see that it includes a large opening for a sliding door in the rear wall. An important variation since we now have vision into the back yard. It will also make our living space more bright with natural light.

The next couple of photos were taken on the weekend. You can see the entire structure now. The roof trusses are in place. You can clearly make out the location, heights and sizes of all windows and doors. You can do a real walk through the home. It feels larger walking through the house frame than walking on the open slab. We're certainly not building experts so we will be hiring a private building inspector to check over the house frame.

So my understanding is that frame stage is now complete and that the frame stage inspection will happen some time this week. Fingers crossed that CG obtain an outstanding report. Our site supervisor seems confident.

The scaffolding that can be seen surrounding the house has been erected in preparation for the next stage - where they install all the colourbond - the fascia, gutters and roof (which we upgraded). Our understanding is that this is happening this week (and potentially start of next week), then the scaffolding comes down middle/end of next week. This is also time used to rectify any defects identified in the building inspection, before the hebel guys start on the external cladding on October 1.


  1. These pictures of the frames of your house are great! This is the part in construction where I start to get really excited. The structure begins to take shape at this point, so you see the beginnings of your home. How was construction on your house? Is it finished now?

    -- Kevin Noel --

  2. Hi Kevin. You're right. When the frame goes up, that's the first chance you get to really feel the home. Framing was exciting and also much faster than we thought it would be. Construction has been sound and this house should be complete on Friday (save for minor defects). Are you building? With CG?